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Welcome to Our Site

A brief background

Seniors Transport is a volunteer organization assisting Winnipeg seniors  getting around the city.  We offer a volunteer  service on all transportation,

With over 20 years of experience working with Seniors, we offer door to door service, tailored to each seniors' needs.  

Our Products and Services

Hours of Operation

Sunday 10:00AM-6:00PM

Monday 8:00AM-9:00PM

Tuesday 8:00AM-9:00PM

Wednesday 8:00AM-9:00PM

Thursday 8:00AM-9:00PM

Friday 8:00AM-11:30PM

Saturday 10:00AM-11:30PM

Services Provided To:

55 + Seniors and 

Residents of personal care homes.

Individuals who require assistance with mobility.

Individuals waiting for home care.

Anyone who requires transportation and assistance.

No sign up fee or Approval required 


Medical appointments

Social Events


Family Events


Single and group outings

Hospital discharges



We are a volunteer service  as  such there is no charge for our services.  a gas consumption donation is welcome , but not mandatory for us to operate. 


Transportation to and from appointments, social events, single and group outings.

Specialized Services

Specialized services that can be customized to accommodate individual needs. 

Seniors choose when and where they arrive and leave. 

Accompaniment Service:

Sometimes you may need us to stay. Therefore, our volunteers where we will stay with our individual seniors from the time we pick them up until the time we bring them home.

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